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UltiMaker Factor 4 introduces a new category of precision and reliability for industrial 3D printing applications.

UltiMaker Factor 4

UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer

Factor 4

With UltiMaker Factor 4, durability meets quality. Meticulously engineered for 3D printing success at high temperature, it delivers accurate performance so you can create validated parts using the widest variety of materials. Achieve a swift ROI with industrial-grade reliability and detailed operational feedback.

Increased Material Diversity

A wider range of high-performance materials opens up a huge range of new 3D printing applications on Factor 4. The new UltiMaker PPS-CF allows you to use this high-temperature composite to replace less-demanding complex steel parts and manufacturing aids with an excellent surface finish. Plus, flexible materials down to Shore 70A means you can reliably create gaskets, seals, and shock absorbers.

Direct Drive Extrusion

The combination of the all-new H-bridge gantry, direct drive extrusion print head, and built-in accelerometer allows high-speed movement and position accuracy ± 0.2 mm or ± 0.2% of a certain feature nominal length with UltiMaker Verified Materials. This results in best-in-class dual material printing speeds so that you can quickly create the flexible or strong parts you need.

High-temperature 3D Printing

Factor 4 raises the temperature up to 350 °C using the HT print core. This means that you can now 3D print higher temperature-resistant and durable materials with more confidence. The temperature within the fully enclosed build volume is also controlled up to 70 °C, with a heated bed up to 120 °C, ensuring optimal material-specific processing conditions and consistent part quality wherever the 3D printer is located.


UltiMaker HT Print Core

HT Print core

Factor 4 raises the temperature up to 340 °C using the HT print core. This means that you can now 3D print higher temperature-resistant and durable materials with more confidence.

UltiMaker Factor 4 Printer Station

Printer Station

Tailor-made for Factor 4. Anti-tilting architecture and stability, lock in mechanisms to fix 3D printer to cabinet.

7-inch Touchscreen

Mounted higher to give a better view of the first layers when remote monitoring. Monitor your print in high resolution remotely via UltiMaker Digital Factory.

Integrated HEPA Filter

Independently tested to remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles to increase air quality peace of mind. The fully enclosed build chamber also boosts print quality.

Always Up To Date

With dual onboard processors, there is plenty of computing headroom for planned and even unplanned future updates.

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