Metal Parts: Up to 90% Cheaper 

Explore a new range of metal 3D printing applications by upgrading the UltiMaker S5 with the Metal Expansion Kit.

Ultimaker Metal Expansion Kit

Explore a new range of high-strength applications


The UltiMaker Metal Expansion Kit makes it easier, more efficient, and more affordable to create steel parts and tools.

And that’s exactly what a group of industry leaders have done.

Scroll down to see what’s possible with metal 3D printing (MFFF), read UltiMaker customers’ application stories, and get inspired for what you could create and the savings you could achieve.

Auxilary Components

Non-critical parts used in final products

Liebherr Metal Engine Bracket

Engine Bracket

Liebherr Components Colmar SAS

MFFF reduced the mass of Liebherr’s original bracket by nearly 60%, while providing 3x the load-bearing capacity for added safety.

Schwartz Metal Paddle Fan Mount

Paddle Fan Mount

Schwartz Off Road Motorsportz

When carbon reinforced nylon wasn’t enough, this innovative racing team turned to low-cost MFFF – with winning results.

Sparox Metal Solar Panel Clip

Solar Panel Bracket

Sparox 3D and Wien Energy

3D printing stainless steel to replace aluminum resulted in a more weather resistant part and thousands of Euros saved.

Kawasaki Metal Shift Lever

Gear Shift Lever

Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

A more cost-effective and easily customized part 3D printed with stainless steel – with the added benefit of “fuzzy skin”

Hoedtke Metal Welding Machine Fixture

Welding Fixture

Hoedtke 3D Additive

Replacing plastic injection molded parts with metal for a huge cost saving in avoided machine modifications.

Functional Prototypes

Usable parts to test a concept or process

Metal Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

A single-piece heat exchanger with optimized internal geometry that would be impossible to create without using additive metal technology.

Metal Cutter Tool

Cutter Tool

A design optimized with complex internal geometry made easy with MFFF. This allows cooling fluid to flow in this cutting tool.

Metal Pump Impeller

Pump Impeller

Additive metal manufacturing makes it easier to iterate on complex shapes that would usual require expensive 5-axis CNC milling.


Custom metal devices for a specific function

Liebherr Metal Assembly Tool

Engine Assembly Tool

Liebherr Components Colmar SAS

Compared to CNC fabrication, this 3D printed tool saved Liebherr 50% on production costs and resulted in less wasted material.

Metal Spherical Gripper

Spherical Gripper

An optimized end-of-arm tooling part that would be almost impossible to produce without metal 3D printing and generative design.

Metal Vacuum Gripper

Vacuum Gripper

A polymer part redesigned with metal FFF in mind. This EOAT can easily withstand the wear and tear of pick-and-place operations.

Wien Metal Window Tool

Window Tool

Wien Energy

Replace your windows or replace the obsolete tool to open them? MFFF with UltiMaker 3D printing made the cheaper option possible.

Metal Custom Hammer

Custom Hammer

A concept tool to showcase what can be achieved with plastic and metal 3D printing when combined with standard post-processing techniques.

Ultimaker Metal 3D Printing

What steel parts will you 3D print?

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Creating stainless steel parts with more design freedom than ever before. Saving up to 90% compared to CNC and other additive methods. And doing it all with a simple, hassle-free workflow.

You’ve seen what metal parts others have successfully 3D printed. Now it’s your turn.

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