3D Printing in Automated Packaging Lines

Increase productivity and OEE with 3D printed parts and tools.

What can you 3D print?

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed LOTO Application

Safety Switch LOTO

Support Tool

3D printing is an affordable way to create recognizable “lock out, tag out” devices that are customized to be permanently mounted on any critical switch for safer maintenance.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Sprocket Wheel Application

Sprocket Wheel

Replacement Part

Designed to withstand full-speed production. The white teeth are a self-lubricating polymer that will show wear over time. The inner core is made from a reinforced nylon and optimized to be lightweight.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Ergonomic Wrench Application

Ergonomic Wrench

Assembly Tool

Custom ergonomics can be easily created with 3D printing. Stiff material makes the tool robust enough to withstand heavy use. Color-coded flexible handles improve operator comfort and grip

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Drink Can Design Application

Drinks Can Designs

Visual Prototype

New product designs are usually communicated in 3D renders. But these modular prototypes are 3D printed with dual extrusion to help stakeholders more easily decide on creative direction.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Perfume Bottles Application

Perfume Bottle Designs

Visual Prototype

It’s quicker and easier to validate new designs when you can hold them in your hand. With 3D printing, these textured bottles remove the need for molds or glass fabrication.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Squeeze Bottles Application

Squeeze Tubes

Functional Prototype

Water and air-tight, these prints are made from PP with strong interlayer adhesion. So you can get the right hand-fit and squeeze-ability. Or test the lines to ensure the right fill levels.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Bottles Application

Drinks Bottle Designs

Functional Prototype

3D printed bottles are cheap to produce for testing production lines. Different dimensions help operators optimize changeovers when different machine configurations are required.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Label Gauge Application

Label Gauge

Quality Tool

Usually milled from metal or POM, this 3D printed gauge is lighter and less brittle to ensure labels are always perfectly positioned on product packaging. Color-coded for easier identification by operators.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines 3D Printed Conveyor Comb Application

Conveyor Comb

Replacement Part

A transition piece that guides rolling products at a conveyor junction. This part helps to avoid unplanned downtime. It can be 3D printed quickly allowing for JIT production and saving on storage costs.

3 Reasons to Consider 3D Printing

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines Uptime


Achieve the Gold Standard for Output

3D printing is a powerful technology to make packaging line machines work harder for longer.

From creating color-coded parts that make changeovers quicker (even for untrained operators), to 3D printing same-day fixes that reduce unplanned downtime… Our customers have realized huge savings by installing one or more UltiMakers next to their lines.

Our printers’ ease of use also empowers employees to bring their specific knowledge to create their own solutions for production lines.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines Sustainability


Environmentally Friendly Production

3D printing with recycled plastics is easy with UltiMaker, thanks to our click-and-print material profiles.

And when the tools and replacement parts you need can be 3D printed locally on site and on demand, this cuts down on carbon emissions for shipping and logistics.

That’s also the case when collaborating with other plants, by sharing files electronically and building a digital inventory of certified parts.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines Flexibility


Go to Market Faster

When market demand changes rapidly, 3D printing offers a way to respond at the same pace.

Quickly validate and optimize tooling changes, without having to wait for outsourced production. Then test your lines with sample packaging that can be 3D printed overnight.

UltiMaker makes it easy to 3D print with a wide choice of material and with high reproducibility. And if you ever need to scale up production, our modular machines are affordable and can be grouped with Ultimaker Digital Factory.

Get inspired by these success stories

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines Heineken Success Story


By 3D printing safety devices, tools, and functional parts, Heineken is increasing line uptime and production efficiency in breweries around the world.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines Schubert Success Story

Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Schubert 3D prints custom tools for its consumer-goods packaging machines, supplying some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industry.

Ultimaker Automated Packaging Lines L'Oréal Success Story


To accelerate their time to market, L’Oréal embedded 3D printing into their design and production. They print 14,000+ prototypes per year as well as tools and spare parts.

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