3D Printing in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Join leading manufacturers optimizing their production lines.

What can you 3D print?

Markforged Custom Safety Guard

Custom Safeguards

Any process change can open the door to workplace injury. Using 3D printing, custom safeguard solutions can be delivered in just hours, keeping operators safe and the line moving.

Markforged End-of-arm-tooling


See how food & beverage manufacturers are producing lightweight, production-ready EOAT while maintaining metal-like strength. The flexible nature of 3D printing allows for enhancements such as building vacuum channels directly into the parts, thereby reducing collision risk.

Markforged Custom Pushers

Custom Pushers

Additive manufacturing unlocks customization for pusher placement, unique contact surfaces, and angles in just a matter of hours. Reduce physical inventory of pushers with a digital inventory of specialized parts.

3 Reasons to Consider 3D Printing

Minimize Inventory Costs

Minimize Tooling and Inventory Costs

Create production tooling on demand to avoid minimum order quantities, minimize inventory holding costs, and reduce overall part costs.

Line Changeovers

Optimize Line Changeovers

Customize tools and components to align with changing consumer preferences and market demands. Support rapid tool change-over between different standard SKUs or for faster new product introductions.

Markforged Operator Safety

Ensure Operator Safety on the Production Line

Quickly respond to safety concerns on the factory floor to keep your line running. Design custom guards or ergonomic solutions at the point of need without waiting for long tool room queues or external machine shops.


Discover how the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) transforms the meat processing industry by leveraging Markforged’s additive manufacturing technology. This innovative collaboration ensures continuous equipment operation, minimizing downtime, and significantly cutting costs through the on-demand production of critical parts.

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