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UltiMaker Method 3D Printer allows you to produce dimensionally accurate parts and prototypes in real production-grade materials, all in an easy and affordable package.

UltiMaker Method

UltiMaker Method 3D Printer


The UltiMaker Method delivers quality results with dry-sealed spool bays and active heat immersion for every layer. This ensures a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm for excellent repeatability.

VECT thermal regulation system

Actively heated chamber

Patented VECT™ Thermal Regulation evenly heats and controls the print environment leading to parts that are 2x stronger on the z-axis, and 2x more accurate across the board. (Variable Environmental Controlled Temperature)

Print strong, heat-resistant metal replacement parts

Rigid metal frame

A structurally-optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing. Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

UltiMaker Method Extruders

Modular Performance Extruders

Quickly change between material groups, preventing cross-contamination.

UltiMaker Method Touchscreen

5” Capacitive Touchscreen

Access an intuitive step-by-step setup and real-time controls and intel on your jobs.

CloudPrint Software

For your Method series printer

Secure and easy to use, CloudPrint is the slicing and printer management software that will get you from CAD file to printed part in no time using a seamless workflow. Completely free when used with any Method series printer.

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