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UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer

Industrial-grade Performance

UltiMaker Factor 4, our new industrial-grade 3D printer, streamlines production, simplifies processes, and keeps operations running. With support for engineering materials, direct dual extrusion, onboard print process reporting, and many more innovations, it achieves unrivaled predictability and minimal variance.

Factor 4

Industrial-grade Performance. Reliable and Repeatable Results.

Factor 4 elevates manufacturing with its triple-insulated build chamber and direct dual extrusion. The automated material handling system maintains filament quality. And the robust, temperature-controlled design ensures consistent production output also on complex and challenging designs.


  • Direct dual extrusion
  • High-temperature capabilities up to 340°C
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Print with 14+ UltiMaker materials and 200+ marketplace materials

Unlimited Application Potential

The power of the S series lies in its versatility. Explore new 3D printing applications using the widest choice of materials on the market – making them the perfect for prototyping and manufacturing aids of all sizes. They use 2.85 mm filament and unlock the full power of UltiMaker Cura to simplify your workflow.

S7 Pro Bundle

Unleash True 24/7 3D Printing

The complete solution to revolutionize your workflow. Transform the UltiMaker S7 into a manufacturing powerhouse. With 3x the material capacity. Automated filament handling. Humidity-controlled storage.


  • PEI-coated flexible build plate
  • Integrated Air Manager
  • More accurate inductive probing
  • Click and print with 280+ materials

Achieve a New Level of Print Success

We took everything our customers love about the award-winning UltiMaker S5… And made it even better. The S7 is packed full of our latest technology, making it easier than ever to 3D print high-quality parts.


  • PEI-coated flexible build plate
  • Integrated Air Manager
  • More accurate inductive probing
  • Click and print with 280+ materials
S5 Pro Bundle

Industrial Power

Transform your 3D printing workflow with the UltiMaker S5 Pro Bundle. With automatic material handling, efficient air filtering, and filament humidity control, these features unlock 24/7 productivity and demanding applications with an extended range of materials.


  • Composite-ready dual extrusion
  • Includes UltiMaker Material Station
  • Award-winning touchscreen UI
  • Click and print with 280+ materials

Expand your 3D printing ambitions

Ideal for bringing big ideas to life. Easily 3D print larger parts with world-leading material compatibility including reinforced composites and stainless steel, an award-winning touch interface, and filament run-out detection.


  • Composite-ready dual extrusion
  • 330 x 240 x 300 mm build volume
  • Award-winning touchscreen UI
  • Click and print with 280+ materials

Easy To Use Starts Here

A powerhouse that fits perfectly on a desk. Ready to print glass and carbon fiber composites. Soluble supports allow for complex geometries with more design freedom.


  • Composite-ready dual extrusion
  • Advanced auto bed leveling
  • Award-winning touchscreen UI
  • Click and print with 190+ materials
2+ Connect

Robust Single Extrusion

Take your first step into the UltiMaker world of easy and seamless 3D printing – with a new touchscreen and remote printing capabilities.


  • Single extrusion with swappable nozzles
  • Cloud-enabled remote 3D printing
  • Click and print with 20+ material
  • Filament run-out sensors

Specialized for engineering applications

The UltiMaker Method series is designed for the high-quality production of tools and end-use parts. Their actively heated build chambers, direct drive, and rigid metal frame make it easy to 3D print a specific range of engineering-grade materials with high repeatability and dimensional accuracy using 1.75 mm filament.


An intuitive 3D printer at an affordable price

UltiMaker Method 3D Printer allows you to produce dimensionally accurate parts and prototypes in real production-grade materials, all in an easy and affordable package. Delivers quality results with dry-sealed spool bays and active heat immersion for every layer.


  • Actively heated chamber [ 65° C]
  • Dual extrusion 3D printing
  • Flexible buildplate
Method X

Print manufacturing tools and production parts

Print manufacturing tools and production parts to spec with ABS and a new game-changing tap water-soluble support material that dissolves easier, cleaner, and faster than anything else. All on the only 3D printer capable of repeatable ABS parts -the Method X.


  • Actively heated chamber [110° C]
  • Dual extrusion 3D printing
  • Flexible buildplate
Method X Carbon Fiber

Replace metal parts and assemblies with 3D printed Carbon Fiber

The UltiMaker Method X Carbon Fiber 3D Printer produces strong, heat-resistant carbon fiber and other engineering-grade composite parts like never before with measurable dimensional accuracy and dissolvable supports all with the power and ease of the UltiMaker Method series.


  • Actively heated chamber [ 110° C]
  • Dual extrusion composite 3D printing
  • Hit print, in carbon fiber
  • Flexible buildplate
Method XL

3D print large-scale projects with industrial-grade materials

Scale up your 3D printing output with the UltiMaker Method XL. Print large parts with industrial-grade materials and high dimensional accuracy – the ultimate solution for engineering applications. Experience the precision of industrial production alongside the flexibility of a 3D printer.


  • Actively heated chamber [ 100° C]
  • Dual extrusion 3D printing
  • Extra large build volume
  • Flexible heated build up to 105° C

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