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S7 Pro Bundle

Unleash True 24/7 3D Printing

The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle adds the Material Station to our newest S series 3D printer, transforming it into a manufacturing powerhouse. This one-of-a-kind upgrade further simplifies the 3D printing worklow with automatic switching of up to 6 spools.


  • Unattended use
  • Reduced operator time
  • Minimized print job time
  • Consistent material quality by humidity control
  • End-of-filament detection
  • Reduced chance on human errors in material handling
  • Front operable

Achieve a New Level of Print Success

The new UltiMaker S7 takes the S5 3D printing experience to the next level. Packed with our latest technology, it includes an integrated Air Manager, flexible build plate, and fully automatic bed leveling. 


  • Flexible build plate
  • Integrated air manager
  • Inductive print head
  • 1080p camera
  • Print head reliability
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Material compatibility
S5 Pro Bundle

Industrial Power

Transform your 3D printing workflow with the UltiMaker S5 Pro Bundle. With automatic material handling, efficient air filtering, and filament humidity control, these features unlock 24/7 productivity and demanding applications with an extended range of materials.


  • Enclosed Build Chamber
  • Composites Capable
  • Active Bed Leveling
  • Humidity Controlled Materials
  • Automatic Material Switching
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Replaceable EPA Filter

Versatile 3D Printing

Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. With simple setup, high uptime, and reliable dual extrusion, UltiMaker S5 is the complete professional 3D printing solution.


  • Front Closure for Improved Printing
  • Composite Materials Compatible
  • Active Bed Leveling
  • Humidity Controlled Materials
  • Automatic Material Switching
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Replaceable EPA Filter

Easy To Use Starts Here

The new dual extrusion UltiMaker S3 delivers high-quality, composite-ready performance, all efficiently from your desktop. It is as easy to use as it is powerful, offering the most cost-effective way for businesses to adopt in-house 3D printing.


  • Dual Extrusion
  • Composite Materials Compatible
  • Active Bed Leveling
  • NFC Material and Internal Camera
  • WiFi, LAN or USB Connectivity
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Filament Flow Sensor Notification
2+ Connect

Robust Single Extrusion

With networking capabilities and a new touchscreen, the UltiMaker 2+ Connect is your reliable first step into our world of easy, remote 3D printing. Simply unbox and connect three components, and get started.


  • High Build Volume to Footprint Ratio
  • Heated Build Plate
  • Single Extrusion
  • Wide Range of Material Options
  • Air Manager Available
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Great Entry Level 3D Printer

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