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 Eiger™ is the software engine that drives your ability to move from CAD to functional part quickly.

Eiger is the software engine that drives your ability to move from CAD to functional part quickly.  Cloud-based, you can quickly slice, prep and print parts with a single click.  Integrated with the entire Markforged line of printers, you can work seamlessly across your entire fleet. Full access with no annual maintenance and unlimited users.

Eiger Fleet is designed to scale your additive manufacturing operations through centralized control over printers, users, parts, and workflows. Capable of managing manufacturing operations on an enterprise and global scale, Eiger Fleet enables role-based access, API capable and enterprise-wide KPI tracking via real-time monitoring

Need to be free of the cloud?  Have restricted internet access?  Offline Eiger operates 100% internet free.  No customer part or data can reach the cloud and all print files are locked to licensed printers. Quarterly software updates keep you current and private LAN connectivity allows for print queues, job status and device telemetry.

Wish you could print the perfect part the first time every time?  Meet Blacksmith, an adaptive manufacturing platform that connects part design, production, and inspection with a powerful AI. Utilizing an integrated laser micrometer, Blacksmith prints, scans and analyzes the resulting data to provide insights into how future parts should  be printed.

Fully integrated with all Markforged 3D printers, you can prep parts with Eiger for printing with a single click, create builds, print parts, and monitor prints in a seamless workflow and monitor all Markforged devices in real time. 

With the addition of Blacksmith to your Markforged ecosystem, you will experience repeatable results in a system designed for production environments. Markforged 3D printers offer micron-level laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably yielding parts with high repeatability and near-perfect surface finish.

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