3D printing that scales to your classroom needs

MakerBot Sketch allows you to print large classroom projects without compromising on size.

MakerBot Sketch Large

MakerBot Sketch Large 3D Printer

Sketch Large

Minimize the hassle of learning how to operate a new technology and just hit ‘print’ with the MakerBot Sketch Large built-in printer features to help you along the way.

MakerBot Sketch Large build plate

Print Bigger and Bolder

Explore 3D printing on a bigger stage, enable students to design bigger and unhindered on an easy-to-use printer.

MakerBot Sketch Large part

Streamlining printing for the whole classroom

Join the only 3D printer platform that has been helping educators pioneer 3D printing in the classroom for over 10 years.

MakerBot Sketch Large multi body build plate

Classroom 3D printing made easy

Tap into a 3D printing software with built in features that make 3D printing in the classroom easier than ever before.

Enclosed printer with particulate filter

Place your printer anywhere in the classroom without worrying about curious hands and print with peace of mind with a particulate filter preinstalled in each printer.

Flexible heated build plate

Heated build plate for secure, successful printing and a flexible surface to make removing finished prints a breeze.

MakerBot Sketch Replaceable extruder

Replaceable extruder

Optimized for PLA and Tough PLA 3D printing, Sketch 3D printer includes a replaceable extruder with a 0.4 mm nozzle.

MakerBot Sketch Full color touchscreen

Full color touchscreen

Start, monitor and pause students’ prints with an intuitive interface.

MakerBot Sketch On board camera

On board camera

With an onboard camera to make monitoring prints possible from anywhere.

Cloud based software

Cloud-based Software

No project is too big or small for Sketch, choose the build volume that is right for your classroom.

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