UltiMaker Factor 4 with Printer Station
UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer
UltiMaker Factor 4 with Printer Station
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UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer

Industrial-grade Performance. Reliable and Repeatable Results

UltiMaker Factor 4, our new industrial-grade 3D printer, streamlines production, simplifies processes, and keeps operations running. With support for engineering materials, direct dual extrusion, onboard print process reporting, and many more innovations, it achieves unrivaled predictability and minimal variance.


Product Details

Key Features:

  • High-temperature capabilities up to 340 °C
  • 6 spool material station
  • Direct dual extrusion
  • Integrated HEPA filters
  • Onboard video camera
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Emergency stop button
  • Compatible printer station
  • Material diversity

Edge-to-edge Dual Extrusion

A spacious build chamber and homogenous bed heating allows you to take advantage of every millimeter of the 330 x 240 x 300 build plate – regardless of what material you are using. This is dual extrusion with almost unlimited design freedom, maximizing what’s possible for each print job.

Automatic Material Handling and Storage

A new, integrated, automatic material handling system reliably manages your spools so you don’t have to. The internal chamber is kept at less than 15% relative humidity, so you can keep up to 6 kilograms of filament in perfect condition for back-to-back print jobs.

Heavy Duty. Heavy Weight

The UltiMaker Factor 4 is most at home in an industrial environment. Built from a robust steel, aluminum, and glass construction, it can be placed anywhere thanks to its triple-insulated and temperature-controlled build volume and integrated HEPA filter.

A Simple, Powerful Addition To Your Workflow

The UltiMaker Factor 4 is a 3D printer you can use with confidence. Its 7-inch capacitive touchscreen shows more real-time process data. Its door pauses a print when opened. And its large, red “stop” button makes operation safer if ever you need to quickly stop UltiMaker Factor 4 printing.

Success With Every 3D Print

The UltiMaker Factor 4 has been thoroughly tested to ensure it achieves a print completion success rate of over 95%. This is made possible by its PEI-coated flexible built plate, allowing for excellent adhesion. And its automatic inductive bed leveling to ensure a perfect first layer for every print.

Create Dimensionally Accurate Parts

Achieve the highest print accuracy of any UltiMaker printer – even at high resolution on small design features. These will achieve a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm or ± 0.2% of feature nominal length over the full build plate and across multiple printers.*

*Dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm or ± 0.2% print success rate tested using UltiMaker PLA, Tough PLA, PETG, PET CF, and PPS CF.

Powerful Onboard Print Reporting

After every print job, receive an in-depth report on extrusion parameters deviations from nominal values, their locations, and their severity in the 3D model. Using a suite of sensors in the print head, build chamber, and material loading system, this print process reporting helps to verify and validate part quality before use in the field.

Increased Material Diversity

A wider range of high-performance materials opens up a huge range of new 3D printing applications on UltiMaker Factor 4. The new UltiMaker PPS-CF allows you to use this high-temperature composite to replace less-demanding complex steel parts and manufacturing aids with an excellent surface finish. Plus, flexible materials down to Shore 70A means you can reliably create gaskets, seals, and shock absorbers.

Direct Drive Extrusion

The combination of the all-new H-bridge gantry, direct drive extrusion print head, and built-in accelerometer allows high-speed movement and position accuracy ± 0.2 mm or ± 0.2% of a certain feature nominal length with UltiMaker Verified Materials. This results in best-in-class dual material printing speeds so that you can quickly create the flexible or strong parts you need.

High-temperature 3D Printing

UltiMaker Factor 4 raises the temperature up to 340 °C using the HT print core. This means that you can now 3D print higher temperature-resistant and durable materials with more confidence. The temperature within the fully enclosed build volume is also controlled up to 70 °C, with a heated bed up to 120 °C, ensuring optimal material-specific processing conditions and consistent part quality wherever the 3D printer is located.

Compatible Materials:

  • UltiMaker PPS CF
  • UltiMaker ABS
  • UltiMaker PET CF
  • UltiMaker Nylon
  • UltiMaker PC
  • UltiMaker Tough PLA
  • UltiMaker PLA
  • UltiMaker PETG
  • UltiMaker CPE
  • UltiMaker CPE+
  • UltiMaker TPU 95A
  • UltiMaker PP
  • UltiMaker PVA
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