Markforged Onyx 3200CC part
Markforged Onyx 3200CC
Markforged Onyx 3200CC part
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Markforged Onyx – 3200CC

Markforged Onyx is a micro carbon fiber filled nylon that yields accurate parts with near flawless surface finish. Few materials have the versatility of Onyx; it offers high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance when printed alone or can be reinforced with one of our continuous fibers to give strength comparable to aluminum. Use Markforged Onyx for anything from tooling and fixtures to end-use parts. Today, there are more than a million Onyx parts in the field transforming manufacturing.

*3200CC spools are compatible with the FX20 only. Due to their size and larger rotating mass, they are not compatible with Markforged Desktop or X3 and X7 3D printers*


Product Details

  • Tensile Modulus (GPa)
    • Test (ASTM): D638
    • Result: 2.4
  • Tensile Stress at Yield (MPa)
    • Test (ASTM): D638
    • Result: 40
  • Tensile Stress at Break (MPa)
    • Test (ASTM): D638
    • Result: 37
  • Tensile Strain at Break (%)
    • Test (ASTM): D638
    • Result: 25
  • Flexural Strength (MPa)
    • Test (ASTM): D790
    • Result: 71
  • Flexural Modulus (GPa)
    • Test (ASTM): D790
    • Result: 3.0
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (oC)
    • Test (ASTM): D648 B
    • Result: 145
  • Izod Impact – notched (J/m)
    • Test (ASTM): D256-10 A
    • Result: 330
  • Density (g/cm3)
    • Test (ASTM): —
    • Result: 1.2
  • FX20

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