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Ultimaker PCA Black

Ultimaker PCA (polycarbonate) Filament, 2.85mm, Black, you can print strong and tough parts that retain dimensional stability when subjected to temperatures as high as 110 ?C. Our PC is a perfect filament for printing molds, tools, functional prototypes and parts for short-run manufacturing.


Product Details

  • Good tensile strength (59.7 MPa at break)
  • High impact strength (Charpy tested to 3.41 J/m)
  • High melting temperature (Mass flow rate at 300 °C: 23 – 26 g/10 min)
  • Glass transition at 112 – 113 ºC
  • Functional prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Molds
  • Short-run manufacturing
  • Industrial modeling
  • End-use parts

Ultimaker PC material is officially supported for single material prints with the Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker 3 series, and Ultimaker 2+ series of 3D printers.