Enhanced Service Pack – Ultimaker S3, 2 Year

Ultimaker Enhanced Service Plan, Ultimaker S3, includes a 12 month extended warranty (24 months total) covering parts, labor and shipping costs for warranted issues. Must be purchased within 90 days of printer purchase.


Product Details

Reduce downtime, stay productive

Available for the Ultimaker S3 (including Extended models), the Ultimaker Enhanced Service Pack provides an extra 12 months of warranty for your 3D printer with all repairs and shipping covered.

In addition to extended coverage for a full two years, the Enhanced Service Plan covers shipping costs, which a standard warranty does not. Our trained and certified network of local partners is there to support you in your time zone and repair your 3D printer to official guidelines using 100% original Ultimaker parts.

* The Enhanced Service Plan must be purchased within 90 days of the original purchase date of your Ultimaker printer and covers up to 24 months from the original purchase date of your Ultimaker printer. Parts, labor, and shipping costs are covered for warrantied issues under the terms of the applicable standard warranty as specified on ultimaker.com.