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UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

Unleash True 24/7 3D Printing

The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle adds the Material Station to our newest S series 3D printer, transforming it into a manufacturing powerhouse. This one-of-a-kind upgrade further simplifies the 3D printing worklow with automatic switching of up to 6 spools. And constant humidity control ensures material is delivered in perfect condition for high-quality 3D prints.


Product Details

Key Features:

  • Unattended use
  • Reduced operator time
  • Minimized print job time
  • Increased quality
  • Consistent material quality by humidity control
  • End-of-filament detection
  • Reduced chance on human errors in material handling
  • Front operable
  • Low maintenance

Anytime 3D Printing Means All-the-time Productivity

The Material Station enables the UltiMaker S7 to deliver 3D printed parts at maximum output. It does this by increasing uptime and minimizing the time operators need to spend at the printer.

3D Print Without Supervision

Designed and tested to be left unattended, the Material Station allows the UltiMaker S7 to print longer – day or night. Whether a print job requires a different loaded material, or a spool runs out, it automatically switches.

All the Uptime in the World

Loading material into the Material Station takes seconds – not minutes. Simply open the door, drop the spool into a bay, and guide it to either extruder. During a print, any spool that is not being used can be switched out.

Your Production Workflow. Streamlined

The Material Station means the UltIMaker S7 can handle a wider range of print jobs. NFC material recognition informs UltiMaker Digital Factory which spools are loaded and will optimally manage your job queue – minimizing downtime

Always Fresh 3D Printing Materials

The Material Station on the UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle stores material in an environment below 40% relative humidity. This keeps the filaments pristine and leads to higher print success. It’s like the spool never left its packaging.

Delivering Material Optimal for 3D Printing

The UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle optimizes the delivery of 3D printing materials so you don’t have to. Perfect humidity control, reliable filament switching, and end-of-filament detection avoid human error and increase print quality.

It’s Staying Dry in Here

Humidity, dust… The Material Station defeats them both. Just plug it in and its silica gel will extract moisture and automatically regenerate, keeping the fully enclosed chamber below 40% relative humidity – even in outside conditions of up to 70% humidity.

The End of End-of-spool Anxiety

The Material Station makes running out of filament a thing of the past. Instead, you can get the most out your materials by printing right to the end of a spool. Each filament bay in the Material Station has run-out detection and will switch spools automatically.

Material Handling Without the Headaches

The Material Station reduces the risk of human error in material handling and storage. Ejected filament always retracts with a clean, sharp tip. And moisture-sensitive filament can be safely left in the humidity-controlled chamber.

3D Print More Materials, More Easily

The Material Station integrates with the UltiMaker S7, Cura, and the Digital Factory. It’s never been easier to load and print with almost any combination of polymers and abrasive composites to unlock more 3D printing applications.

Front Loading for Fast Changeovers

With the Material Station, say goodbye to the back of the UltiMaker S7. Load and eject material from the front – even while another spool is printing. Simply place any material in any bay, insert the filament in extruder hole 1 or 2, and press the eject button to remove it.

Low Maintenance. High Uptime

This is a workhorse of an accessory. The Material Station requires zero scheduled maintenance tasks. Simply unbox, connect two Bowden tubes and two cables. And triple the spool capacity of the UltiMaker S7 in minutes.

Compatible Materials:

  • Ultimaker PLA
  • Ultimaker Tough PLA
  • Ultimaker Nylon
  • Ultimaker ABS
  • Ultimaker CPE
  • Ultimaker CPE+
  • Ultimaker PC
  • Ultimaker TPu 95A
  • Ultimaker PP
  • Ultimaker PVA
  • Ultimaker Breakaway
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