Ultimaker Print Cores AA Sizes
Ultimaker Print Core 0.40
Ultimaker Print Cores AA Sizes
Product SKU: 9529

UltiMaker Print Core AA 0.40

The UltiMaker Print Core AA features a precision machined 0.4 mm diameter nozzle for use with build materials and UltiMaker Breakaway support material. For use with the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 series only.



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Product Details

Versatile to the Core

UltiMaker print cores make it quick and easy for you to change nozzle configurations on your 3D printer – giving you the flexibility to seamlessly print applications that are optimized for the job. Whether you’re seeking fine details, a quick draft, or a nozzle specially developed for your chosen material type, our print cores have you covered.

Quick Swap – No Tools Necessary

With a quick swap design, UltiMaker print cores can be quickly and easily changed, tool-free, to meet the requirements of any print job, increasing your efficiency and decreasing downtime. Plus, an EEPROM chip memorizes the size and type of your nozzle, reducing configuration errors and increasing print success.


The UltiMaker Print Core AA is compatible with the UltiMaker S3 and UltiMaker S5 series.

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