Markforged A2 Tool Steel
Product SKU: F-MF-1007

Markforged A2 Tool Steel – 200CC

Markforged A2 Tool Steel is a cold work tool steel defined by its extremely high hardness after heat treatment. A2 tool steel is often regarded as a “universal” cold work steel, offering a combination of good wear resistance and high toughness. Markforged A2 Tool Steel can be used for cutting and forming tools, or other applications where high hardness are valued.


Product Details

  • 0.2% Compressive Yield Strength (MPa)
    • Test (ASTM): ASTM E9
    • Result: 900/1170
  • Elastic Modulus (GPa)
    • Test (ASTM): ASTM E9
    • Result: 180/160/190
  • Hardness (HRC)
    • Test (ASTM): ASTM E18
    • Result: 50/50/63
  • Relative Density (%)
    • Test (ASTM): ASTM B923
    • Result: 94.5/94.5/100
  • Metal X

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