Lakemore Woodworking Expands Services with Ultimaker S5

Lakemore Woodworking Ultimaker S5 3D printed vacuum foot in Ultimaker Tough PLA

Tony Morgan, owner of Lakemore Woodworking, is now utilizing 3D printing alongside CNC machining to bring customers’ custom woodwork designs to life. The idea for Lakemore Woodworking came about when a consistent interest in design software and its recent advancements transformed into 3D design.

I started out designing signs and creating lithophanes, and that led me to the 3D designing of wall cabinets. The next step was to start 3D printing. So far with a background in this type of software it has been an easy transition. – Tony Morgan, Lakemore Woodworking                         

Lakemore Woodworking custom wood sign

The Need for an Ultimaker:

The initial need for Lakemore Woodworking to adopt a 3D printer was to fabricate components for a machine. After purchasing an Ultimaker S5 from 3DOLOGiE, it was immediately put to use to create a custom vacuum foot for a CNC router. Using Ultimaker Tough PLA material, the print job was able to be completed in just over 48 hours.

         Lakemore Woodworking Ultimaker S5 3D printed vacuum foot

Lakemore Woodworking Ultimaker S5 3D printed vacuum foot

Ultimaker Benefits:

Lakemore Woodworking is going on 3 months with their Ultimaker S5 and has found the printer incredibly valuable, providing multiple solutions for the company thus far. The Ultimaker S5 also gave the company the idea and the resources to transition into providing custom 3D printed objects for customers. As the company continues to evolve and grow, the goal is to continue designing 3D objects and to provide that service for anyone in need.

So far, it’s been a flawless printer and the ideas are endless. My hopes are to provide services to customers that need a design in 3D brought to life. My Ultimaker S5 can create prototypes, models, or final designs for customers. Whatever they’re in need of, I want to provide them. Skies the limit, if you can dream it, I can make it. – Tony Morgan, Lakemore Woodworking

Lakemore Woodworking is currently in the process of creating a website that will offer 3D printing and CNC sign making services for customers. We look forward to seeing what the company 3D prints next! If you are looking for custom woodwork, email [email protected] to bring your designs to life in 3D!

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