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COVID19 PPE Production Resources – Faceshields and Masks

Here at 3DOLOGIE we have had many folks reach out and ask how they can help produce face shields.  What we have learned is that there are varying degrees of face shield donation acceptance. Some healthcare facilities want the best quality, safest and cleanest equipment they can acquire and others are desperate enough to take any variation we send their way.  Please refer to our blog post “Connect with your Local Healthcare Facility – Where to Donate” to learn more about connecting and having your device approved for use.

        • Bill of Materials:
        • 1 Visor
        • 1 Shield
        • 1 #33 Rubber band (or other fastener)
        • Assembly Instructions:
        • Attach the shield to the visor by placing the holes on top of the three mounting points on the visor. Rotate the visor counter-clockwise or the shield clockwise until the shield is in-place. Attach the #33 rubber band to the rear-side of the visor. Place the rear of the visor on the back of your head and slide the visor over your head until the front of the visor is on your forehead and the shield covers your face.
        • To help maximize cleanliness and for ease of shipping, we recommend you allow letting the medical provider, healthcare facility, or user of the Item do the assembly.
        • Notes:
        • The visor has been designed to comply with a standard American 3-hole punch (4.25″ (10.795 cm) spacing between holes), meaning you can 3-hole punch any clear plastic material and it will fit on the visor.The visor has been designed to also work on maker-level printers with PLA and no support removal required. The fastener for the back of the visor is a standard #33 rubber band, however you should be able to use a zip tie, suture or other types of string to fasten the backend as needed.
  4. 3. How to make a facemask.

***Looking for a way to contribute to the design of various medical items needed by our hospitals?  Join the “Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies Group” on Facebook. LOTS of great activity happening in that group and information being disseminated.

4/2/2020 11:52 AM   ** This data on this topic is VERY fluid so please check back often for updates**

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